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Heart Tumor Treatment In Kerala

By ManuPosted On 03-Jul-2017

The cardiac tumor also known as heart tumor is an abnormal growth in the heart or heart valves.

There are mainly 2 types of heart tumors

* Primary tumor: The type of tumor that originates, grow and stay in the heart.

* Secondary tumor: These are the type of tumor that originates in other parts of the body and metastasize to the heart.

The tumors can be malignant or benign, as the heart is such a vital organ, even benign tumors can be life-threatening.


The following are some of the causes of cardiac tumors:

* Abnormal regulation of cell division

* Radiation

* Tobacco

* Certain viruses

* Benzene and some poisonous mushroom may lead to cancer

* Some patients with cardiac tumors may have a family history of the same condition.

* Some of the heart tumors may develop due to another health conditions such as NAME syndrome, Carney or LAMB syndrome

* Irregularities in the immune system that result in incapability to detect and fight against the abnormal growth can also lead to tumors


Many patients could not identify heart tumor as it can mimic other heart diseases. The following are some of the symptoms of cardiac tumor

* Unexplained heart failure

* Heart murmurs

* Enlargement of the heart

* Blockages

* Rapid heart beats

* Blockage of the blood flow out of the ventricles

* A rapid accumulation of bloody fluid in the lining around the heart

* Small changes in the shape of the heart


A surgical removal of the tumor is usually a treatment choice for cardiac tumors as it will lead to problems with the blood flow. The following are the most common type of cardiac tumor treatments:

  * Benign and primary tumor is treated by a surgical excision followed by a serial of echocardiography.

* Malignant and primary tumor is treated by palliation like chemo therapy, radiotherapy as the prognosis is poor.

* Metastatic cardiac tumor treatment depends on the tumor origin, the treatment may include systemic chemotherapy and palliation.

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