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Some are so unfortunate tht their heart get damaged inspite of all our efforst.They reach a stage where none of our medicines are working .The only option in such a situation to chnge the damaged heart with a strong person' heart who just died due to some other reason say a road traffic accident.
Treated or untreated coronary artery diseases May be after repeated coronary stenting or even after bypass surgery Multiple heart attacks. Endstage of many valvular heart diseases like Rheumatic heart diseases,degenerative heart diseases End stage of certain birth defects treated or un treated Dilated cardiomyopathy,post-partum cardiomyapathy Primary pulmonary hypertention which means lung pressure is persistently high due to unknown reason.
This is the biggest problem with this method of treatment. You have to get a healthy normal heart from a dead patient who just died without heart ever stapping. This happens only in an accident victim whose brain got damaged.
Many countries have a national registry of patients registered and waiting for heart transplantation. Young patients get priority. Donor and Recepient should be of same blood group and their sizes should be matching relatively
The donor should not be suffering from any untreatable chronic infection. Heart should not have any pathology like coronary blocks,structural defects or suffered any damage during the transplantation process. Shouldnot be suffering from any malignancy

This is a very important decision you have to take after a thorough discussion with your family members,well wishers and your medical team. Decision to transplant your heart is taken when all the other treatment options have expired or when your medical team feels other treatment options are riskier than transplantation
In certain situation if your condition is too unstable and waiting for a suitable heart is too prolonged, you may have to go temporarily on an artificial heart. This is called bridge to transplantations. Getting a suitable heart is not that easy. You have to geat a healthy heart of your own blood group without any damage,most likely from brain dead victim of a road traffic accident.
TESTS BEFORE HEART TRANSPLANTATION As a pre-requisit for heart transplantation your other organs like kidneys,liver,lungs ,etc should be in a reasonable condition. You should be free of any acute or chronic serious infections of bactereal,viral or fungal nature Similarly your donor should be free of any serious infection,his or her heart should be free from any structuaral defects or coronary artery diseases. DAY BEFORE THE OPERATION
Your cardiac surgeons,cardiologists,cardiac anesthetists and and cardiac anesthetists will inspect you and order necessary exams earlier to surgery. If you are a chain-smoker, you must stop. Almost two weeks earlier to your surgery, you mustl visit your cardiac doctor to make sure any medical complications and if there is one get well treated. You also may be requested to stop taking drugs that make it tougher for your blood to clot. Enquire which drugs you would still have to take on the day of your surgery. Each time tell your cardiac doctor if you get a cold, flu, temperature, herpes escape, or else other sickness before your surgery. The evening earlier to your surgery: DO NOT drink whatever thing after midnight, as well as water. On the day of your operation:Take any medications your doctor said you to take with a small mouthful of water. You will be voiced when to reach at the hospital.

Afterwards the procedure, you will spend a week in the hospital. Two to three tubes will be in your chest to groove unsolidified from around your heart. They are utmost frequently detached 3 days after surgery. You could have a catheter (supple tube) in your bladder to channel urine. You may likewise have intravenous (IV) lines for liquids. You will be committed to machines that display your pulse, high temperature, and inhalation. Nurses will continually lookout your monitors. You may have numerous minor wires that are linked to a pacemaker, which are dragged out prior to your discharge. You will be exhilarated to resume some activities besides you may begin a cardiac rehab program in hardly any days. It takes at least 6 weeks to jolt feeling healthier after surgery. Your providers will state you how to take care of yourself at home afterward the surgery.

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